1. DEPECHE MODE                            Enjoy The silence
 2. ENGLAND / NEW ORDER                     World In Motion
 3. THE CURE                                Pictures Of You
 4. DEPECHE MODE                            Policy Of Truth
 5. PET SHOP BOYS                           So Hard
 6. BLUE PEARL                              Naked In The Rain
 7. FAITH NO MORE                           Epic
 8. TWENTY 4 SEVEN                          Are You Dreaming ?
 9. NICK KAMEN                              I Promised Myself
10. ROB 'N' RAZ feat. LEILA K.              Got To Get
11. MADONNA                                 Dear Jessie
12. THE KLF                                 What Time Is Love ?
13. WILSON PHILLIPS                         Hold On
14. THE LA'S                                There She Goes
15. ADAMSKI                                 Killer
16. SINEAD O'CONNOR                         The Emperor's New Clothes
17. SINEAD O'CONNOR                         Nothing Compares 2 U
18. 49 ERS                                  Touch Me
19. THE CURE                                Never Enough
20. TECHNOTRONIC                            Rockin' Over The Beat
21. JANET JACKSON                           Escapade
22. E.M.F.                                  Unbelievable
23. LONNIE GORDON                           Happenin' All Over Again
24. KIM WILDE                               It's Here
25. ERASURE                                 Blue Savannah
26. WESTBAM                                 The Roof Is On Fire
27. DNA                                     La Serenissima
28. THE HOUSE OF LOVE                       Shine On
29. ERASURE                                 Star
30. ELECTRONIC                              Getting No Way
31. ROXETTE                                 Dangerous
32. JAM TRONIC                              Another Day In Paradise
33. ICE MC                                  Easy
34. AEROSMITH                               The Other Side
35. HUMAN LEAGUE                            Heart Like A Wheel
36. LONDONBEAT                              I've Been Thinking About You
37. SNAP                                    Mary Had A Little Boy
38. GURU JOSH                               Who's Law ( Is It Anyway )
39. ERASURE                                 You Surround Me
40. SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD                       Sit And Wait
41. THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS                    Birdhouse In Your Soul
42. CHYP-NOTIC                              If I Can't Have You
43. LONDONBEAT                              A Better Love
44. BASS-O-MATIC                            Fascinating Rhythm
45. CHYP-NOTIC                              Nothing Compares 2 U
46. BELINDA CARLISLE                        ( We Want ) The Same Thing
47. ADAMSKI                                 The Space Jungle
48. DEEE-LITE                               Groove Is In The Heart
49. COCTEAU TWINS                           Iceblink Luck
50. ALL ABOUT EVE                           December
51. CHOCOLATE                               Ritmo De La Noche
52. THE MISSION                             Buterfly On A Wheel
53. TALK TALK                               It's My Life
54. PROPAGANDA                              Heaven Give Me Words
55. JANE CHILD                              Don't Wanna Fall In Love
56. MADONNA                                 Justify My Love
57. TECHNOTRONIC feat. YA KID K.            Get Up ( Before The Night Is Over )
58. BLACK BOX                               I Don't Know Anybody Else
59. GURU JOSH                               Infinity
60. THE FARM                                All Together Now
61. MYLENE FARMER                           Sans Contrefacon
62. KAOMA                                   Dancando Lambada
63. PREFAB SPROUT                           Looking For Atlantis
64. MARTICA                                 More Than You Know
65. MIDNIGHT OIL                            Forgotten Years
66. MIDNIGHT OIL                            Blue Sky Mind
67. Q.JONES, R.CHARLES, CH.KHAN             I'll Be Good To You
68. REBELL MC                               Better World
69. THE SOUP DRAGONS                        I'm Free
70. MIXMASTER                               Grand Piano
71. GO WEST                                 King Of Wishful Thinking
72. KIM WILDE                               I Can't Get Enough ( Of Your Love )
73. MALCOLM Mc LAREN                        Opera House
74. TWENTY 4 SEVEN                          I Can't Stand It
75. INSPIRAL CARPETS                        Here She Comes At Fall
76. JIMMY SOMERVILLE                        Read My Lips
77. F.P.I. PROJECT                          Rich In Paradise
78. TOM PETTY                               Free Falling
79. LLOYD COLE                              More Blue Skies
80. 808 STATE                               Cubik
81. CLIFF RICHARD                           Saviour's Day
82. ENIGMA                                  Sadeness Part One
83. FRONT 242                               Tragedy For You
84. PET SHOP BOYS                           Being Boring
85. DNA feat. SUZANNE VEGA                  Tom's Diner
86. THE STONE ROSES                         One Love
87. MICHAEL BOLTON                          How Can We Be Lovers
88. PHIL COLLINS                            Another Day In Paradise
89. TEARS FOR FEARS                         Woman In Chain
90. CANDY FLIP                              Strawberry Fields Forever
91. BIG FUN                                 Handful Of Promises
92. ADVENTURES OF STEVIE V.                 Dirty Cash ( Money Talks )
93. NENEH CHERRY                            Inner City Mama
94. KAOMA                                   Lambada
95. CHRIS REA                               That's What They Always Say
96. VANILLA ICE                             Ice Ice Baby
97. FAMILY STAND                            Ghetto Heaven
98. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD                       Reputation
99. RICHARD MARX                            Angelia
100. SUZANNE VEGA                           Book Of Dreams


  1. MIDNIGHT OIL "Blue Sky Mining"
  2. SINEAD O'CONNOR "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got"
  3. PALE SAINTS "The Comforts Of Madness"
  4. COCTEAU TWINS "Heaven Or Las Vegas"
  5. RIDE "Nowhere"

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