Best of 2020


1. Trance Wax Northern Sky [Manaya EP] youtube
2. Slow Magic Somewhere (feat. Woven In Hiatus) [Closer 2 U EP] youtube
3. KLASS II Imovane youtube
4. CRi  From Me (feat. Bernache) youtube
5. Exouler & Eugenio Tokarev Cloudiness youtube
6. DIM3NSION & DJ Nano Feel the Waves (Vocal Extended) youtube
7. The Foreign Resort Stand Back (feat. Anna Bouchard of Drowner) youtube
8. Vimana We Came (Sneijder Remix) youtube
9. Farius Forever youtube
10. David Jackson Hjärtesong youtube

11. Nicholas Gunn Fallen (feat. Alina Renae) (Richard Durand Remix) youtube
12. beabadoobee Worth It youtube
13. EGOISM You You youtube
14. Rudimental Come Over (feat. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne) (Paul Woolford Remix) youtube
15. The Blessed Isles Gone youtube
16. Hot Chip Positive youtube
17. Yotto & Cassian Grains youtube
18. Chris Schweizer Don't Be Scared youtube
19. Grazer How Many Times youtube
20. Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam Stay (feat. Mona Moua) youtube

21. SURE Morrows youtube
22. Marlon Hoffstadt Hand In Hand youtube
23. Soft Set 7 on Up youtube
24. The Know Hold Me Like You Know Me youtube
25. Charli XCX forever youtube
26. Push Elegance youtube
27. Prospa The Thrill youtube
28. Effy Bodied youtube
29. Robbie Seed & That Girl My Remedy youtube
30. HYLA Deserve youtube

31. RIBB[]N GLASS SKY youtube
32. Tiga & Hudson Mohawke Love Minus Zero youtube
33. Robert Nickson & Thea Riley Feed My Soul (Club Mix) youtube
34. JES We Belong to the Night (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) youtube
35. The Empty Shell Put It Behind You [Faint Light EP] youtube
36. Godford Fear youtube
37. DIIV The Spark youtube
38. Ruben de Ronde & Roxanne Emery Gold (Richard Durand Remix) youtube
39. Sweater Curse All the Same youtube
40. D I I S T no love youtube

41. Selfish Boy Computer Dust Storm [Neon Burn EP] youtube
42. Slow Magic & Paperwhite Carry On youtube
43. Patrick Topping & Hayley Topping New Reality youtube
44. T78 & Raito Make Me Feel youtube
45. Trentemøller Silent Night youtube
46. Key4050 & Plumb I Love You youtube
47. Dusky Seed Tray [Life Signs Vol. 2 EP] youtube
48. Private Caller You [Hooversound Presents: Private Caller & Mani Festo EP] youtube
49. Ben Hemsley Please Playboy [King of Darkness EP] youtube
50. Finn & India Jordan H.U.R.L youtube

51. T78 & Raito Acid People youtube
52. Amtrac So Afraid (feat. Alex Metric) youtube
53. Μινέρβα Δράμα youtube
54. DMA'S Life Is a Game of Changing (Willaris. K Remix) youtube
55. Snatt & Vix Soapte (feat. Diana) (Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam Remix) youtube
56. Glowal Night Queen youtube
57. BluePrint A Rose Between Two Thorns (VERONICA) youtube
58. Social Sport Lora youtube
59. 9th House Lyra youtube
60. Cris Grey Trancequility youtube

61. bdrmm A Reason to Celebrate youtube
62. Novanta Outside Noise (feat. Stella Diana) [Some Are Stars EP] youtube
63. Ejeca Ekstac youtube
64. Robert Hood The Struggle youtube
65. Mount Mural World youtube
66. Fast Distance Home [A State of Trance 2020 - Sampler 01 EP] youtube
67. Day Aches After Glow [Fever Dreams EP] youtube
68. Dense & Pika Honey (feat. Matthew Dear) (Patrick Topping Remix) youtube
69. The Inheritors Our Final Hour (Miroslav Vrlik Remix) youtube
70. eyesun Feel Something youtube

71. Nathan Fake Torch Song (Jon Hopkins Edit) youtube
72. Eric Prydz NOPUS youtube
73. Robbie Seed Come Alive (feat. That Girl) (Robbie Seed & Digital Vision Remix) youtube
74. Deserta Hide youtube
75. Adelphi Music Factory Area 39 [Joy & Fantasy EP] youtube
76. Genix Giant Steps youtube
77. beabadoobee Care youtube
78. Sewerslvt Cyberia Lyr3 youtube
79. PUPPYFACE Anxious Eyes youtube
80. Pierre Pienaar Kamaria youtube

81. A. G. Cook Silver youtube
82. topographies Rose of Sharon youtube
83. Salem Starfall youtube
84. Skrillex, Boys Noize & Ty Dolla $ign Midnight Hour (Mall Grab Remix) youtube
85. Purity Ring stardew youtube
86. Baths Mikaela Corridor youtube
87. Khåen The Hermit youtube
88. Kraków Loves Adana The Ocean Between Us youtube
89. Spectres When Possessed Pray youtube
90. Lowfaith For You, Endlessly [Earth Falls Quiet, Heaven & Hell Sing EP] youtube

91. Starpicker New Horizons youtube
92. Alex Virgo Chorus Tool [Cheap Thrills EP] youtube
93. Caroline Polachek Ocean of Tears (umru Remix) youtube
94. Flynn & Denton & Audrey Gallagher Say My Name (Paul Denton Remix) youtube
95. VIM Waiting youtube
96. Willaris. K COBAKI SKY [LUSTRE EP] youtube
97. Tommy Farrow Let's Just (Jansons Remix) youtube
98. Soft Blue Shimmer Cherry-Cola Abyss youtube
99. Dustin Husain HM02 (Fly) youtube
100. She Past Away Durdu Dünya (Boy Harsher Remix) youtube


1. VAR The Never-Ending Year bandcamp
2. Sure 20 Years bandcamp
3. Deserta Black Aura My Sun youtube
4. Cathedral Bells Velvet Spirit bandcamp
5. Rival Consoles Articulation bandcamp
6. Charli XCX how i'm feeling now spotify
7. bdrmm Bedroom bandcamp
8. ATTLAS Out Here With You spotify
9. Luttrell Lucky Ones spotify
10. Wehbba Straight Lines and Sharp Corners bandcamp
11. Sufjan Stevens The Ascension bandcamp
12. Marlon Hoffstadt Planet Love bandcamp
13. Jesu Terminus bandcamp
14. The Hazy Seas The Hazy Seas bandcamp
15. Laveda What Happens After bandcamp
16. House of Harm Vicious Pastimes bandcamp
17. Μινέρβα Konserva bandcamp
18. A. G. Cook 7G bandcamp
19. 100 gecs 1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues youtube
20. Bully SUGAREGG bandcamp