Best of 2018


1. Tennis System Clearer [P A I N EP] youtube
2. Lazy Legs Gloss youtube
3. Anki & October Child All or Nothing (feat. NEAVV) youtube
4. Strange Names People To Go youtube
5. FiancÚ Wing [Feverdream EP] youtube
6. Julie McDermott Don't Go (Gerd Janson Re-Work) youtube
7. Modeling Rupture youtube
8. Red Sleeping Beauty Top Love youtube
9. The Daysleepers Arclights youtube
10. Pale Waves Black youtube

11. The Mary Onettes Cola Falls youtube
12. Raito One Step Beyond youtube
13. CHVRCHES Never Say Die youtube
14. Ross from Friends Pale Blue Dot youtube
15. October Drift All Broken Down youtube
16. Marsheaux To the End youtube
17. Phoenix Fior di Latte (A. G. Cook Remix) youtube
18. Nosedive Covers [Nosedive EP] youtube
19. Futurecop! Edge of the Universe (feat. Parallels) youtube
20. Kiyoi & Eky Everlong youtube

21. HEALTH & Perturbator BODY/PRISON youtube
22. Wild Nothing Letting Go youtube
23. Paul Oakenfold Only Us (feat. Little Nikki) (Hal Stucker Remix) youtube
24. Den-Mate Sick youtube
25. diyliv Свет [нежность EP] youtube
26. Empathy Test Incubation Song youtube
27. Brett On the Rise youtube
28. M.I.K.E. PUSH presents OVERTONE The Sun Rises youtube
29. Purest Forever youtube
30. Moscow Youth Cult Hospice youtube

31. Now, Now Az youtube
32. Krystal Klear Neutron Dance [The Division EP] youtube
33. LLLL & U-Pistol Falling youtube
34. IDLES Danny Nedelko youtube
35. Nero Lullaby youtube
36. Purest All There Is [Waste My Days EP] youtube
37. Dimension Techno youtube
38. CASTLEBEAT Wasting Time youtube
39. Remarq & Swen Van Der Endt Aeonian youtube
40. Castlecomer All of the Noise youtube

41. Teenage Wrist Chrome Neon Jesus [Part Time Punks EP] youtube
42. Mat Zo See It When I Believe It [No Words EP] youtube
43. Chris Carter Bongo Glow [Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 – Coursework EP] youtube
44. Pierre Pienaar Neorah youtube
45. WRTHLESS Give Me a Reason (To Be On My Own) youtube
46. The Perfect Kiss Talking To Myself youtube
47. The Killers Run For Cover (Naderi Remix) youtube
48. pronoun wrong youtube
49. Marsheaux Full Attack youtube
50. Silver Bars Green Trees [Silver Bars EP] youtube

51. Electric Floor I Made It Up youtube
52. Ride Keep It Surreal [Tomorrow's Shore EP] youtube
53. The KVB On My Skin youtube
54. Aly & Fila with Sue McLaren Surrender youtube
55. Tennis System Crushing [P A I N EP] youtube
56. Calvin Harris One Kiss (Patrick Topping Remix) youtube
57. Astronoid I Dream in Lines youtube
58. Insane & Mind Open Up Your Heart (The Beefed Up Mix) youtube
59. Softer Still A Sadder Sound youtube
60. Reighnbeau Fingertips youtube

61. Virtual Self Ghost Voices [Virtual Self EP] youtube
62. Brett Emperor Tho youtube
63. Activa Generate youtube
64. Astrosphere What Lies Between the Stars (Club Mix) youtube
65. Wimbledon Alley Throwback [Sports Ball EP] youtube
66. Galants In Vain youtube
67. clouds. Grace (Reimagined) youtube
68. Slow Crush Shallow Breath youtube
69. Adam Beyer & Bart Skills Your Mind youtube
70. Hannah Diamond True youtube

71. Purple Disco Machine Dished (Male Stripper) youtube
72. Ohio Mark Shimmers of Darkness in Voids of Happiness youtube
73. Seismograph Coasting youtube
74. Trance Wax Trance 14 [Trance Wax 4 EP] youtube
75. Her Space Holiday Sixteen Syllables [Gravity EP] youtube
76. The Blue Herons All I Keep Inside (feat. Thierry Haliniak) youtube
77. Specialist Sound Back in 96 youtube
78. Mercyfox Naked Cross youtube
79. Will Saul By Your Side youtube
80. Nation of Language On Division St youtube

81. Alcabean Still Remember youtube
82. TWO LANES Drive youtube
83. Finn Sometimes the Going Gets a Little Tough youtube
84. Leska Curious (feat. JosÚ R. Fontao) [Circles, Vol.2 EP] youtube
85. DIM3NSION & Zaa Cielo youtube
86. Aequo & Little Orange UA Reset youtube
87. Madwave In Search of Atlantis youtube
88. Korine Feel the Pain youtube
89. Pale Waves Eighteen youtube
90. CASTLEBEAT Research youtube

91. Dream Estate You youtube
92. Sidewalks and Skeletons Heaven youtube
93. SHDW & Obscure Shape Die Prophezeiung [Die Augen Des Teufels EP] youtube
94. Madwave Temptation youtube
95. Role Vzkazy youtube
96. Nathan Micay First Casualty youtube
97. Meishi Smile, LLLL & U-Pistol Always (feat. Calendula) youtube
98. Modern Time Machines Freefall (Can't Stop) youtube
99. JAGUWAR Night Out youtube
100. Fanclub Leaves youtube


1. JAGUWAR Ringthing google music
2. Suzie Pressure bandcamp
3. Kraus Path bandcamp
4. SOPHIE Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides google music
5. Pale Waves My Mind Makes Noises google music
6. The Midnight Kids bandcamp
7. Moscow Youth Cult Brutalist google music
8. COSme Lost Generation bandcamp
9. Anki Bloom google music
10. Now, Now Saved bandcamp
11. Ruby Haunt Blue Hour bandcamp
12. Gai Barone Under Zero google music
13. Lowtide Southern Mind bandcamp
14. Castlebeat VHS bandcamp
15. Akuratyde Past Lives bandcamp
16. Slow Crush Aurora bandcamp
17. Modern Time Machines Modern Time Machines bandcamp
18. Front Line Assembly WarMech bandcamp
19. Holy Fawn Death Spells bandcamp
20. Blush Response Hearts Grow Dull bandcamp