Best of 2017


1. LLLL For F (feat.Meishi Smile & Calendula) youtube
2. EXOULER Embrace youtube
3. GIUSEPPE OTTAVIANI Loneliest Light (feat. Tricia McTeague) (OnAir Mix) youtube
4. STEVE ALLEN & SARAH LYNN Broken Child youtube
5. SEAN MATHEWS Together youtube
6. WOMPS Darling youtube
7. LEON LOUR Oceans youtube
8. SOLIS & SEAN TRUBY with AUDREY GALLAGHER What It Takes to Love You (Ucast Remix) youtube
9. ARCTIC MOON Neon Nights youtube
10. JAYTECH Sleepless Lights [Positronic EP 2] youtube

11. CHRIS NORTH Brighter Days youtube
12. DARK FUSION Mystery youtube
13. TR/ST Bicep youtube
15. TENNIS SYSTEM Lackluster youtube
16. SOFTER STILL Forever Faces youtube
17. DEFCON AUDIO Lost In You (NX-Trance Remix) (feat. Julie Harrington) youtube
18. COLD BLUE Bliss youtube
19. COLD STONE The Lonely Way youtube
20. VALSA Happy Pink Pills (Marek Hemmann Remix) youtube

21. DJ PLANT TEXTURE Maybe Sometimes [Cyclone EP] youtube
22. DRAB MAJESTY Oak Wood youtube
23. WYLDERNESS 72 & Sunny youtube
24. ASCENDING FORCE Heavens Gate youtube
25. VHS DREAM So High youtube
26. MIKE SANDERS Roles youtube
27. AIISO Your Love Is an Echo youtube
28. COSMIC GATE & SARAH LYNN Folded Wings youtube
29. CLOSENESS More Romantic [Personality Therapy EP] youtube
30. THE CRACKEN Cold Fusion youtube

31. GRUM & JOSEP The Love You Feel youtube
32. O.B.M NOTION Uplifted to Another World (Daniel Kandi Bangin' Remix) youtube
33. PIERRE PIENAAR Neorah youtube
34. ARMIN VAN BUUREN & GARIBAY I Need You (feat. Olaf Blackwood) (Club Mix) youtube
35. COLOUR OF SPRING Love [E.P.] youtube
36. HEAVY HEART Fruitfly youtube
37. DRAB MAJESTY Too Soon To Tell youtube
38. KORINE Elegance & You youtube
39. GOTONAO AM2:30 [SleepSleepEP] youtube
40. CHRIS SX Connecting People youtube

41. OVERDRIVE Found You youtube
42. DAN STONE Argento youtube
43. RAVERS RETURN Back to Basics (Rave Edit) youtube
44. ANDRES SANCHEZ Eternity youtube
45. PRINCE FOX Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne) youtube
46. SOPHIE It's Okay To Cry youtube
47. PRONOUN A Million Other Things (Funeral Advantage Rework) youtube
48. ANDY WILSON Missing You youtube
49. LEAVE E Youth youtube
50. RAINDEER Bad Things youtube

51. NEIL LANDSTRUMM Death Bed USA (with Ulrike) [Roller Killer EP] youtube
52. CHRIS SCHWEIZER Shadows youtube
53. INSANE & MIND Open Up Your Heart (The Beefed Up Mix) youtube
54. FIMBRIA Passage youtube
55. GHASTLY I'll Wait youtube
56. GAI BARONE Lost in Music youtube
57. ZOMBIE-CHANG I Can't Get to Sleep youtube
58. MINIATURES Honey youtube
59. HEAT Lush youtube
60. DAN STONE Colorado Avenue youtube

61. TIMECOP1983 Girl (feat. Seawaves) [Lovers Part II EP] youtube
62. JUVENTA Freefalling youtube
63. NOSEDIVE Covers [Nosedive EP] youtube
65. SAN HOLO Light youtube
66. MINIMUM SYNDICAT Kenopsia [Zenosyne EP] youtube
67. DRAB MAJESTY 39 By Design youtube
68. MR.KITTY Earthstones youtube
69. WE ARE PARASOLS dim youtube
70. PEANESS Same Place [Are You Sure? EP] youtube

71. YR POETRY Damian and the Shark Metaphor [One Night Alive EP] youtube
72. PASTEL GHOST Possession youtube
73. MUST DIE! 2020 Ad youtube
74. BRETT Emperor Tho youtube
75. FRAGRANCE. Care for the Proof [Dust & Disorders EP] youtube
76. CATHOLIC ACTION Propaganda youtube
77. THE BLACK VEILS Nothing Is Pure youtube
78. ANDEN Kerry (Monoverse Remix) youtube
79. VEDETT Temple youtube
80. ADRIAN LUX All Aloud youtube

81. SUN AIRWAY Foam youtube
82. PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION Losing Your Love youtube
83. FUNERAL ADVANTAGE CEOT7K [Please Help Me EP] youtube
84. MY NU LENG & FRICTION Jigsaw youtube
85. SOFTER STILL Wishing Well youtube
86. SLOWLY Fade youtube
87. CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Affection youtube
88. NIC TOMS Dream Big youtube
89. BICEP Aura youtube
90. MEMORYVILLE I Wanna Die [Someday We Will Rule the Universe EP] youtube

91. SNEIJDER & KATTY HEATH The Only Place (Ucast Remix) youtube
92. SURF ROCK IS DEAD As If youtube
93. JAWS Cast youtube
94. DANNY L HARLE 1UL youtube
95. DIM3NSION The Energy youtube
96. LE YOUTH If You're Leaving (feat. Sydnie) youtube
97. NOCTURNAL TAPES Wake Up [Visions IV EP] youtube
98. BLEEDING KNEES CLUB Chew the Gum youtube
99. COIN Don't Cry, 2020 youtube
100. LUDVIG MOON Blankets (feat. The Little Hands of Asphalt & Team Me) youtube


1. МЫТИЩИ Радость твоя google music
2. RARE FACTURE Suspension of the Conscious Mind bandcamp
3. DRAB MAJESTY The Demonstration bandcamp
4. IRIS JUPITER Iris Jupiter bandcamp
5. MR.KITTY A.I. bandcamp
6. THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974 Felt google music
7. AMANTRA As It Should Have Been bandcamp
8. CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Cigarettes After Sex bandcamp
9. DAY WAVE The Days We Had google music
10. FAZERDAZE Morningside bandcamp
11. SECRET SHINE There Is Only Now bandcamp
12. DEAFCULT Auras bandcamp
13. HEAT Overnight bandcamp
14. RAINDEER Neon Death bandcamp
15. FIMBRIA Eternal Return bandcamp
16. HOLY YOUTH Heavy Bored bandcamp
17. SLOWDIVE Slowdive google
18. TOOTHLESS The Pace of the Passing google
19. JAPANDROIDS Near to the Wild Heart of Life bandcamp
20. HEALTH Disco3 google


1. THE FOREIGN RESORT Underdogs - Praha
2. THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Lucerna Music Bar - Praha
3. COLD CAVE Lucerna Music Bar - Praha