Best of 2016


1. COQUIN MIGALE Soft youtube
2. ELECTROGENIC Another Day youtube
3. FERRIN & MORRIS and ANEYM Under Your Spell youtube
4. PORTER ROBINSON & MADEON Shelter youtube
5. MIROSLAV VRLIK & DIANOIA Colours of Your Life youtube
6. MODERAT Running youtube
7. MAJA SKILLZ Fall Aprt youtube
8. LIUCK & NEEV KENNEDY Let This Go (The Cracken Remix) youtube
9. BERNIS Meridian Sun youtube

11. KOLIBRÍ Eulogies youtube
12. FIELD HARMONICS Heron youtube
13. MIKE SHIVER Blinding Light (Supernatet Remix) youtube
14. DAN STONE Macy youtube
15. MATT BOWDIDGE The Calling youtube
16. CORBU Battles youtube
17. GATES Habit youtube
18. JAMES DYMOND Defector youtube
19. CIARAN McAULEY Isla youtube
20. DANNY L HARLE Super Natural (feat. Carly Rae Jepsen) youtube

21. BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE Diagram Girl youtube
22. WELL KEPT THINGS Queen Song [Well Kept Things – Single] youtube
23. FEATURECAST Anticipate Nothing youtube
24. PAUL DI WHITE Connected youtube
25. SEAN MATHEWS The Island (Astuni Re-Lift) youtube
26. HYLEN Suiren youtube
27. FRED V & GRAFIX Emo Jungle [Christmas Cracker EP] youtube
28. MODERAT Reminder (Special Request Remix) youtube
29. HANNAH DIAMOND Fade Away youtube
30. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Wide Open (feat. Beck) youtube

31. MR. OIZO End of the World (feat. Skrillex) youtube
32. DEATH BELLS Flowers of Flesh and Blood [Death Bells EP] youtube
33. BREEZE Bleach [Toot De La Fruit EP] youtube
34. FOALS Mountain at My Gates (Alex Metric Remix) youtube
35. PARTY CUTS Wean [Wanting EP] youtube
36. VEDETT Temple youtube
37. SNEIJDER & KATTY HEATH The Only Place (Ucast Remix) youtube
38. THE BLESSED ISLES Caroline youtube
39. 4 SEAS & GIOVANNIE DE SADELEER Immortal Love youtube
40. THE NAKED AND FAMOUS Higher youtube

41. SOFT LIGHTING Avalanche [Cascade EP] youtube
42. SAN HOLO Light youtube
43. HEART FX Thinking of You (Roulsen Remix) youtube
44. ROYAL ARCADE Earthbound youtube
45. LUTTRELL Stormwatcher [Need You EP] youtube
46. AVEC SANS Perth youtube
47. VESSELS Had a Love (feat. Anna of the North) youtube
48. APES If You Want It youtube
49. LOST TAPES Girls youtube
50. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Wide Open (Joe Goddard Remix) youtube

51. FM-84 Running in the Night (feat. Ollie Wride) youtube
52. SHE,IN THE HAZE Stars youtube
53. ALY & FILA X LUKE BOND & AUDREY GALLAGHER Million Voices youtube
54. FRED V & GRAFIX Constellations youtube
55. HEAT Lush youtube
56. STRIFE II Infinity Saws [Collide EP] youtube
57. GLEAM Believe youtube
58. THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974 Slow youtube
59. PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION Losing Your Love youtube
60. GEMINI Time to Share youtube

61. GATES Empty Canvas youtube
62. GREYWIND Afterthoughts (Remastered 2016) youtube
63. STEPHEN'S SHORE Let's Go Home [Ocean Blue EP] youtube
64. PIANO Boy youtube
65. THE BLACK SHIPS Dead Empires youtube
66. THE SHIMMER BAND Sunkick youtube
67. DIV I DED Open the Door youtube
68. CHARLI XCX Paradise (feat. Hannah Diamond) [Vroom Vroom EP] youtube
69. JUVENILE JUVENILE Perfect Lies youtube
70. ICARUS They Are Not Like You youtube

71. COWTOWN Wonderful Christmastime youtube
72. FRAMEWORKS Worn Out youtube
73. TOOTHLESS Palm's Backside (feat. Marika Hackman) youtube
74. ATLÁNTICOS Pupilas Florecientes [Mausoleo EP] youtube
75. JOHN B Lava youtube
76. DIHER & R3DUB Lynx youtube
77. M!R!M Matilde youtube
78. KENT Egoist youtube
79. KEV WILD Sunshine In LA youtube
80. WHENYOUNG Actor youtube

81. LET'S AWAY Control youtube
82. FERRY CORSTEN Find a Way youtube
83. ARTY Kate (2015 Remix) youtube
84. HEALTH L.A. Looks youtube
85. DRAPER Kids [Ambedo EP] youtube
86. ALUNAGEORGE I Remember youtube
87. THE BLESSED ISLES Confession youtube
88. DAY WAVE Gone [Hard to Read EP] youtube
89. ABOVE & BEYOND Treasure (feat. Zoë Johnston) (Kyau & Albert Remix) [Anjunabeats Volume 12 Sampler pt.1] youtube
90. TOURIST Run youtube

91. HOW TO DRESS WELL Lost Youth / Lost You youtube
92. SKY BETWEEN LEAVES O.B.E (Out of Body Experience) [Klein Blues EP] youtube
93. WHITE Step Up [Cuts That Don't Bleed EP] youtube
94. SISTERS ON WIRE Earth youtube
95. ROOSEVELT Fever youtube
96. DC BREAKS Never Stop youtube
97. HOTEL APACHE IWD4U youtube
98. MARSHEAUX Safe Tonight youtube
99. MARSHMELLO Alone youtube
100. SELF PORTRAITS Stuck In Our Dreams youtube


1. AVEC SANS Heartbreak Hi google music
2. KESTRELS Kestrels bandcamp
3. MINT JULEP Broken Devotion google music
4. UNITED FRUIT Eternal Return google music
5. CRESCENDO Unless bandcamp
6. HORROR MY FRIEND Stay In, Do Nothing bandcamp
7. POSTILJONEN Reverie google music
8. PINKSHINYULTRABLAST Grandfeathered google music
9. ST. LUCIA Matter google music
10. HOLY ESQUE At Hope's Ravine google music


1. THE WEDDING PRESENT Klub 007 Strahov - Praha