Best of 2015


1. DAY WAVE Drag youtube
2. NERO The Thrill youtube
3. SKRILLEX & DIPLO Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber) youtube
4. LULL Bubble Tea [Lull EP] youtube
5. EELKE KLEIJN Celebrate Life youtube
6. ROSENTHAL Heart youtube
7. THE FOREIGN RESORT Under Bright Neon Stars [The American Dream EP] youtube
8. TRAMPOLENE Imagine Something Yesterday [Pocket Album Two EP] youtube
9. SORE EYELIDS Remain [For Now EP] youtube
10. EASTERN HOLLOWS The Way That You've Gone youtube

11. SHY FOR SHORE One More Life youtube
12. PASSION PIT Lifted Up (1985) youtube
13. DUSKY Squeezer [Ordinary World EP] youtube
14. SATELLITE STORIES Heartbeat youtube
15. LANY Someone Else youtube
16. LTN & ERANGA Don't Push Me Back (LTN Mix) (feat. Katty Heath) youtube
17. STRANGE NAMES Neighborhood youtube
18. RACING GLACIERS Seems Like A Good Time youtube
19. ALEX ADAIR Make Me Feel Better youtube
20. NIGHT FLOWERS Sleep youtube

21. LIZ When I Rule The World youtube
22. LLLL Cruel EP youtube
23. ALEX ADAIR Make Me Feel Better (S.P.Y Remix) youtube
24. DIVE IN Change In The Weather youtube
25. 2DB Quaalude youtube
26. HEALTH Stonefist youtube
27. TAMARYN Cranekiss youtube
28. CAPE LION We Got Out In Time [Corinth EP] youtube
29. TREMENTINA Fall Into Your Bed youtube
30. GEORGE FITZGERALD Full Circle (feat. Boxed In) youtube

31. BEAT SERVICE & ANA CRIADO An Autumn Tale (Kaimo K Remix) youtube
32. KATE BOY Midnight Sun youtube
33. THE DRUMS There Is Nothing Left youtube
34. ALL TVVINS Thank You youtube
35. FERRY CORSTEN Find A Way youtube
36. VICTORIES AT SEA Up youtube
37. OCTAVE ONE Jazzo/Lose Myself (Paul Woolford Rework) [Jazzo Reworks EP] youtube
38. FUNERAL ADVANTAGE Gardensong youtube
39. UNDER THE WIRE I Am Nothing [Everything That Haunts Me EP] youtube
40. SHURA 2Shy youtube

41. STORMS Undress youtube
42. VERNAL Haw [I Hope You're Happier Than Me EP] youtube
43. KILL THE NOISE & DILLON FRANCIS Dolphin On Wheels youtube
44. VAULTS Lifespan (Spor Remix) [Remixed EP] youtube
45. FERRY CORSTEN presents GOURYELLA Anahera youtube
46. AWD Wintertide youtube
47. NEON TALK Trying Hard youtube
48. IT'S A SYNTH Almost youtube
49. THE SIX Don't Go Running (S.P.Y Remix) youtube
50. BREAKAGE Kill Dem youtube

51. SHY FOR SHORE Steal My Car [One More Life EP] youtube
52. HACKMAN Semibreves (Epiphylogenetically Enumerated Reset by KiNK) youtube
53. MARTIN GARRIX Don't Look Down (feat. Usher) youtube
54. INTERTWINE We Are Fools For Singing This Song youtube
55. COWTOWN Wonderful Christmas Time youtube
56. CRAIG CONNELLY Shipwreck (feat. Cate Kanell) youtube
57. RENE LAVICE The Calling (feat. Ivy Mairi) youtube
58. GREAT GOOD FINE OK Too Much To Handle [2M2H EP] youtube
59. STAR HORSE Slower Now youtube
60. COASTS Modern Love (Friction Remix) youtube

61. HANNAH DIAMOND Hi youtube
62. ARKHAM KNIGHTS Knightfall youtube
63. THE MICRODANCE Making Plans For The End youtube
64. PEARTREE Someday [Intro EP] youtube
65. PIANO Boy youtube
66. BWANA Tengo youtube
67. A BILLION LIONS Doomsday Babies youtube
68. ZAC SAMUEL I'll Be Pushin' On youtube
69. PURITY RING Begin Again youtube
70. LE MATOS No Tomorrow (feat. Pawws) youtube

71. TREMENTINA Distress youtube
72. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS Wide Open (Joe Goddard Remix) youtube
73. HANNAH DIAMOND Every Night youtube
74. CRYSTAL CASTLES Frail youtube
75. FEVER DREAM Serotonin Hit youtube
76. HORROR MY FRIEND Stay In youtube
77. JAMIE XX Gosh youtube
78. ALLIE X Never Enough [Catch EP] youtube
79. TEAMMATE Until You Find Me youtube
80. PESKY Keep Me [Smells Like Tween Spirit EP] youtube

81. CELEBRINE & ALIEN DELON Cellar Door youtube
82. CLAW THE THIN ICE Codeine youtube
83. PURITY RING Begin Again (HEALTH Remix) youtube
84. LIFE SIM IDL youtube
85. SISTERS ON WIRE Earth youtube
86. VENERA 4 Deaf Heartbeats [Deaf Hearts 12“] youtube
87. TIËSTO & DON DIABLO Chemicals (feat. Thomas Troelsen) youtube
88. GRAVE POOL Neon Summers youtube
89. HONEST LIVING Been Blue youtube
90. YELLOWCARD The Deepest Well (feat. Matty Mullins) youtube

91. STATIC DAYDREAM Until You're Mine youtube
92. MEMORYHOUSE Dream Shake youtube
93. SPIRIT VIP Dial youtube
94. DPPLGNGRS Deck The Halls youtube
95. VEYU All That We Know [VEYU EP] youtube
96. LO-FI-FNK Pirate Radio youtube
97. ZIBRA Chlorine [EP1000] youtube
98. ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Sticky Drama youtube
99. MONARKS The End youtube
100. SIMMER Douse [Yellow Streak EP] youtube


1. PASTEL GHOST Abyss bandcamp
2. HEALTH Death Magic google music
3. PINKSHINYULTRABLAST Everything Else Matters google music
4. PICTUREPLANE Technomancer spotify
5. GRAVE POOL Mnemonics bandcamp
6. SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS White Light bandcamp
7. FUNERAL ADVANTAGE Body Is Dead bandcamp
8. JAMIE XX In Colour google music
9. WESTKUST Last Forever bandcamp
10. GHOST CULTURE Ghost Culture google music
11. PURITY RING Another Eternity google music
12. LO-FI-FNK Nightclub Nirvana spotify
13. CLAW THE THIN ICE Exercise bandcamp
14. CHICANE The Sum Of Its Parts google music
15. FEVER DREAM Moyamoya spotify
16. MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY Maximum Entropy google music
17. TELEKINESIS Ad Infinitum google music
18. WHITE CASCADE Endless bandcamp
19. VIET CONG Viet Cong google music
20. DUNE RATS Dune Rats bandcamp


1. HEALTH MeetFactory - Praha
2. MANON MEURT Budějovický Majáles - České Budějovice
3. ANOTHER FAKE HEROES Budějovický Majáles - České Budějovice
4. GAGARIN Budějovický Majáles - České Budějovice
5. VIET CONG Experimentální prostor NoD - Praha