Best of 2014


1. VEYU All That We Know [VEYU EP] youtube
2. JOEL COMPASS Girlfriends youtube
3. YELLOWCARD The Deepest Well (feat. Matty Mullins) youtube
4. A PLASTIC ROSE Autumn Eases You Into The Dark youtube
5. JOEY FOURR Born Slippery youtube
6. GEoRGiA Be Ache [Come In EP] youtube
7. MARTIN DUCKWORTH Let Me Go (feat. Amber Traill) (Vocal Mix) youtube
8. SHY FOR SHORE Steal My Car youtube
9. BRETT Golden youtube
10. MATRIX & FUTUREBOUND Don't Look Back (feat. Tanya Lacey) youtube
11. KORALLREVEN Spirit Away (feat. China) youtube
12. ERIC PRYDZ Liberate youtube
13. SOPHIE Lemonade youtube
14. CuT Let's Go youtube
15. DIGITALISM Wolves youtube
16. THE KUT No Trace youtube
17. GREAT GOOD FINE OK You're The One For Me [Body Diamond EP] youtube
18. PALE SEAS Wicked Dreams [Places To Haunt EP] youtube
19. PANAMA WEDDING All Of The People [Parallel Play EP] youtube
20. WILKINSON Too Close VIP (feat. Detour City) youtube
21. CAMCORDER Push You Away [Presence EP] youtube
22. PORTER ROBINSON Flicker youtube
23. FRED V & GRAFIX Forest Fires (feat. Etherwood) youtube
24. SOMETHINGALAMODE On My Mind (feat. Dwntwn) youtube
25. C U R B Communication youtube
26. TOPS Change Of Heart youtube
27. ORBITAL Christmas Chime youtube
28. CHVRCHES We Sink youtube
29. LUST FOR YOUTH Epoetin Alfa youtube
30. SHY FOR SHORE Love, Again youtube
31. EAGULLS Possessed youtube
32. CUT COPY In These Arms Of Love youtube
33. HAERTS Giving Up youtube
34. DUKE DUMONT Won't Look Back (Special Request 48 Hour Crack Binge) youtube
35. BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB Luna youtube
36. ROSENTHAL Lashes youtube
37. FOREIGN TONGUES Big Drag youtube
38. ANTOINE BECKS & MAESTRO HARRELL Higher (feat. Sherry St Germain) youtube
39. FATHERSON Mine For Me youtube
40. HARDWELL Dare You (feat. Matthew Koma) youtube
42. PROM Flickers [Keeping Company EP] youtube
43. PAUL COOK & THE CHRONICLES Radar youtube
44. THE TRIMS Now You're Gone [Vida EP] youtube
45. VIRTUAL RIOT We're Not Alone youtube
46. SEAFOAM Anchored Down [Twin Summers EP] youtube
47. CUT RIBBONS Walking On Wires [Sail EP] youtube
48. FLYYING COLOURS Wavy Gravy [Flyying Colours EP] youtube
49. ZOOT WOMAN Don't Tear Yourself Apart youtube
50. EAGULLS Opaque youtube
51. NO DEVOTION Stay youtube
52. LXURY Playground youtube
53. PORTALIGHTS Zooplace youtube
54. NAI HARVEST Hold Open My Head youtube
55. THE VESTALS Dear Happiness [Life Without Love EP] youtube
56. ZEDD Stay The Night (feat. Hayley Williams) (Zedd & Kevin Drew Remix) youtube
57. THAT NOISE World On Fire youtube
58. MARKUS SCHULZ Muse (feat. Adina Butar) youtube
59. MENACE & LORD Sun, Moon & Stars, Pt.1 youtube
60. THE NEW DIVISION Stockholm youtube
61. LIFE Money youtube
62. MANON MEURT To Forget [Manon Meurt EP] youtube
63. TRUST Capitol youtube
64. MOSCOW YOUTH CULT Lux youtube
65. ULTERIOR MOTIVE Tape Pack [The Fourth Wall – Album Sampler] youtube
66. CAPITAL CHILDREN'S CHOIR Untrust Us [The Untrust EP] youtube
67. PORTER ROBINSON Sea Of Voices (RAC Mix) youtube
68. MERIDIAN Breeze youtube
69. STEALTH Homage (Back To You) (feat. Stylus) youtube
70. VERONICA FALLS Nobody There youtube
71. DULL & DECENT Pioneers youtube
72. WRETCH 32 6 Words (Friction Remix) youtube
73. FATHERSON I Like Not Knowing youtube
74. BURIAL Hiders [Rival Dealer EP] youtube
75. VEYU Running [VEYU EP] youtube
76. GROUPLOVE Ways To Go youtube
77. COMA COAST 1989 youtube
78. YOU ME AT SIX Cold Night youtube
79. CHEERLEADER Perfect Vision youtube
80. WARLOCK Sawhorses youtube
81. TYCHO Montana youtube
82. JUSTIN NOZUKA Right By You youtube
83. ROUTE 94 My Love (feat. Jess Glyne) (AndMe & Bastian Mix] youtube
84. CHARLI XCX Break The Rules youtube
85. OVLOV The Great Crocodile youtube
86. JOHN MARTIN Anywhere For You youtube
87. LOWLY Stones In The Water youtube
88. SUPERFOOD TV [Mam EP] youtube
89. BEAR HANDS Agora youtube
90. HIGH TYDE Karibu youtube
91. SOAK B a noBody youtube
92. ORCA ORCA Ok, Lost [The Shallows EP] youtube
93. SECONDCITY What Can I Do (feat. Ali Love) (Grum Remix) youtube
94. LITTLE RACER Dancing [Modern Accent EP] youtube
95. EAGULLS Tough Luck youtube
96. ASTR Operate [Varsity EP] youtube
97. PAINTED ZEROS This American Life [Svalbard EP] youtube
98. BO NINGEN DaDaDa youtube
99. LAZYEYES Islip youtube
100. FOREVER CULT Suntrap youtube


1. PATTERNS Waking Lines musicmp3
2. MOONLIT SAILOR We Come From Exploding Stars musicmp3
3. PORTER ROBINSON Worlds musicmp3
4. JAWS Be Slowly musicmp3
5. CHEATAHS Cheatahs musicmp3
6. KORALLREVEN Second Comin' musicmp3
7. EAST INDIA YOUTH Total Strife Forever musicmp3
8. TRUST Joyland musicmp3
9. EAGULLS Eagulls musicmp3
10. LONELY THE BRAVE Days War musicmp3


1. MANON MEURT Roxy - Praha
2. TYCHO Roxy - Praha


1. Pojedeme k moři csfd youtube